Molly Nilsson
Night School
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1In Real Life 4:09
2You Always Hurt The One You Love 3:03
3I Hope You Die 4:31
4The Bottles Of Tomorrow 2:04
5Hiroshima Street 3:53
6Intermezzo_ The Party 2:57
7Hotel Home 4:52
8City Of Atlantis 3:43
9QWERTY (Censored Version)4:37
10The Clocks 3:32
11Skybound 4:38

Long overdue reissue of this Molly Nilsson early release (her fourth), now repackaged and reissued via Night School / DSA.By the time Molly Nilsson released History, she had already established a fledgling cult status built on homemade YouTube videos and home-burnt Cdrs. Writing from a distance, it’s clear that History is the first classic album in her canon and arguably a classic of the 21st Century underground music panorama. While the methodology on History hadn’t changed from Nilsson’s previous 3 albums – it was recorded solo at The Lighthouse, Nilsson’s home studio based on a Berlin crossroads – on this record the songwriting reached a new peak and the emotional scythe cut deeper. Here, Nilsson managed to combine a cosmic, outward looking perspective with an intimate knowledge of the human condition and its place in these turbulent times. In truth, no other songwriter has excavated the modern psyche so clearly and perfectly.