Slow White Fall
Pushing Through A Wall
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1A Veil Over Me 1:28
2Earthquake Seducer 3:59
3The Golden Lunatic Ascending 5:09
4Country Of Dust 4:36
5A Crimson Body 4:53
6Death In The Delta 4:31
7These Wretched Teeth 5:08

Industrial changeling Oliver Ho returns to his Slow White Fall alias for a howling and paganistic suite of industrial music in an English medieval Gothic mode channelling Dead Can Dance via Killing Joke, Scott Walker and Godflesh.

Slow White Fall is the latest of Ho’s revolving monikers (Broken English Club, Raudive, Zov Zov), and here used to signify a shift into hairier, muscular Industrial music that treads heavily but carefully to the right side of fantasy dramatic, wrought with a finely crafted crudeness and atmospheric finesse that speaks to his decades of crookedly functional electronic production expertise and an enduring fascination with the darkside. Think ritual music for a bacchanal at John Dee’s gaff, or the soundtrack to a plague rave held in 1347.

‘Pushing Through A Wall’ marks up as Ho’s most ambitious and convictive collapsing of industrial tropes into bleached out acid noise and dungeon gloom. In the cursed course of seven tracks he works at the tipping point where noise metastasises into a form of industrial blues for the end of days, flourishing a dark bouquet ranging from Adrian Sherwood-era Ministry styles, to Datura-induced panic attack heartbeats and chalkboard sax in ‘Earthquake Seducer’, and Coil-ed noise in ‘The Golden Lunatic Ascending’, with raging highlights in the fanged arps of ‘A Crimson Body’, and a closing couplet of duets meshing doom guitars to sparing etheric female vox with strong echoes of Sunn 0))) & Scott Walker’s ‘Soused’ as much as instrumental take on Godflesh’s Black Country doom.