Nick Edwards
Editions Mego
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1Part 1: Chance Meets Causality Uptown 16:24
2Part 2: (No) Escape From '79 15:14
3Part 3: Inside The Analog Continuum 15:48
4Part 4: A Pedant's Progress 15:37

Initially inspired by Industrial, dub reggae, krautrock, radiophonics and the nascent sounds emerging from techno, hip hop and ambient, Nick Edwards began recording experimental electronic music in his teens. Using analogue synths and a basic home recording set-up, he unveiled his first (and until now, only) album under his own name on a self-released cassette in 1994. Then, following numerous obscure projects and collaborations under various guises, Edwards eventually came to prominence as a music blogger, writing the influential Gutterbreakz blog from 2003-2009. He then returned to music making with the critically acclaimed Ekoplekz solo project, releasing work at a relentless pace across various labels, including Punch Drunk, Mordant Music, Further, Perc Trax and Public Information. For his debut eMego release, Edwards finally steps out from behind the Ekoplekz mask, although (as the album title might suggest) the music contained within acts as both showcase for, and summary of, the sonic obsessions that have driven the Ekoplekz sound over the past two and a half years. Working with primitive hardware and cassette four-track technology, Edwards still draws strength from his formative influences (Cabaret Voltaire, King Tubby, Suicide, Radiophonic Workshop, etc) whilst striving to carve out his own defiantly raw, lo-fi, analogue identity.