Jason Kolàr
Liquid Rhythm
Includes Instant Download
LP (clear)
Edition of 300 copies, silkscreened sleeve, 180g vinyl
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1Bells 5:23
2Magic Random Exotism 2:59
3I Have No Idea 4:16
4Liquid Rhythm 3:08
5A Soothing Walk 5:06
6Sameiotics 5:03
7Trigger 3:40
8Avoiding the Obvious 5:32
9Unrequested Interlude 1:56
10Crystal Dreams 5:16

Three years after Stroom TV released his debut album Modified Perspectives, Kolàr released, Loops & Pieces, a documentation of sounds he has been working on in the period 2017-2020. According to Kolàr, this tape, also his first release for Dauw, was full of vaporous drafts transforming into solid forms with the help of time and distance. Compared to his previous work, the music on Loops & Pieces is much more stripped down and minimal, yet the dreamy character remained.

On Liquid Rhythm, we see Kolàr combining approaches of both albums. Using synths and acoustic instruments, he created 10 songs reflecting his typical playful yet melancholic aesthetics.