The Swifter
Wall Sailor
Sonic Pieces
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PATTERN003LP / Includes Download Code
Cover with Laser-Cutting and Printed Inner Sleeve, ltd. to 500 copies
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1A Drift 12:07
2Steel Murmuration 6:38
3Travelling Angle 4:08
4Kneading Pine 10:17
5Steeled Murmuration 6:10

For some this could sound like a supergroup: Simon James Phillips' vivid piano playing with Andrea Belfi's precise percussion and drum patterns make the perfect companions for BJ Nilsen's electronics, welding together a driving energy.

It is a rare treat to come across a record that imparts music as spacious as Wall Sailor. The album's ability to capture the listener with a mixture of acoustic instruments, field recordings and digital processing, with constant movement and relentless tension, is nothing but astonishing. Just like an actual murmuration in the sky, the trio's music refuses to keep steady and allows us to perceive its structures and formations from afar. These pieces could go everywhere; and yet they remain as pleasant as they are fascinating and never fail to impress. The Swifter's compositions breath an urgency for expression that never gives in to their controlled and skilled performance.

Listening closely, you can imagine following the beating of wings, as if these tracks have been waiting to be released to cherish their freedom.

Vinyl comes in a reversed cardboard jacket, printed in- and outside with Full Tone Colours, Lasercut-Artwork and Printed Inner Sleeve, ltd. to 500 copies.