Bells / Cicadas
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1Cicadas 9:16
2Bells 6:40

The project ( ) is the brainchild of intermedia artist Lloyd Dunn, a founding member of the Tape-beatles, and editor and publisher of the zines „PhotoStatic“ and „Retrofuturism“. It comprises hours of sound works, hundreds of photographs, travelogue essays, and similar digital artifacts, which often reflect the artist’s frequent travels and aesthetic thinking.

BELLS: In this unmanipulated recording, a performance of the bells of the Transfiguration Cathedral Spaso-Efimeyev Monastery in Suzdal takes place. Suzdal is one of the towns on the best-known tourist route in Russia, called the „Golden Ring“.

CICADAS: An annual brood of cicadas creates a dense sonic atmosphere from their treetop feeding zone, here recorded on a hot July afternoon in a forest near Lake Lisi, on a plateau overlooking the Saburtalo district of Tbilisi, Georgia.