Various Artists
Alex from Tokyo presents Japan Vibrations Vol.1
World Famous
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1Haruomi Hosono – Ambient Meditation #3
2Silent Poets – Meaning In The Tone (95 Space & Oriental) (95 Space & Oriental)
3Mind Design – Sun
4Quadra – Phantom
5Yasuaki Shimizu – Tamare-Tamare
6Ryuichi Sakamoto – Tibetan Dance (version) (version)
7TPO – Hiroshi's Dub (Tokyo club mix) (Tokyo club mix)
8Okihide – Biskatta
9Mondo Grosso – Vibe PM (Yoshihiro Okino Jazzy mixed Roots) (Yoshihiro Okino Jazzy mixed Roots)
10Prism – Velvet Nymph
11CT Scan – Cold Sleep (The Door Into Summer)

Tokyo DJ’s sonic memoir spanning two decades of life and music in Japan

Dive into the exhilarating era of Japan’s electronic dance music scene from the mid ’80s to the mid ’90s with Japan Vibrations Vol. 1. The hand-picked collection by DJ and musical storyteller Alex from Tokyopays homage to the trailblazers and innovators who shaped the landscape.

Set for release this autumn, the compilation serves as a time capsule recording a vibrant point in Japan’s modern music history. Likewise, a love letter from someone who lived it.

11 newly remastered tracks spanning ambient, downtempo, dub, world beats, deep house, new jazz, and techno. Together they showcase the creative ingenuity and energy of a paradisiac era marked by a symbiotic fusion of international sounds with distinctively Japanese influences.

Experience the vibrations of pioneers Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Yasuaki Shimizu. Of culture-shaping forces Hiroshi Fujiwara, Kan Takagi, Susumu Yokota, Silent Poets, Mondo Grosso and Kyoto Jazz Massive. And of new-generation artists CMJK (C.T. Scan), Mind Design, Okihide, and Hiroshi Watanabe. The evolution of a scene, a moment, presented with the progression of a DJ set.

Hi-fidelity remastering by sound engineer Isao Kumano (PHONON). License coordination by Ken Hidaka, album artwork by Takehiko Kitahara. Photography by Meisa Fujishiro and Beezer, and from Alex and friends’ personal collections. Pressed by Mother Tongue Records. Distribution by Rush Hour.

Japan Vibrations Vol. 1 will transport listeners in time to energetic nights at Japan’s legendary club venues and delight with a spirited journey of musical discovery and reflection.