Joachim Nordwall
Healing Music 13–18
Otomatik Muziek
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1Healing Music 13 6:22
2Healing Music 14 2:46
3Healing Music 15 9:06
4Healing Music 16 6:04
5Healing Music 17 5:28
6Healing Music 18 7:45

Enter the 3rd chamber: »Healing Music 13–18« is the final installment in Joachim Nordwall's Healing Music Triptychon. Where the first volume delved deep into the depths of dub and the second body of tracks was dedicated to the organization of noise through rhythm and silence, the third part takes a logical step forward, being a radical exercise in asceticism.

It's the most stripped down set of the three, demanding attention to details as much as it furthers concentration – a distillation so pure it almost sounds austere. Are there more words needed? Let the bass speak.