Red Circle
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Edition of 200 copies, hand-stamped silk-screen sleeve
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1Music For Hen Meditation Movement 1 1:31
2Music For Hen Meditation Movement 2 3:33
3Music For Hen Meditation Movement 3 2:01
4Music For Hen Meditation Movement 4 0:51
5Music For Hen Meditation Movement 5 1:20
6Music For Hen Meditation Movement 6 2:50
7Music For Hen Meditation Movement 7 1:35
8Music For Hen Meditation Movement 8 3:40
9Music For Hen Meditation Movement 9 1:24
10Music For Excited Sauces Movement 1 2:35
11Music For Excited Sauces Movement 2 3:53
12Music For Excited Sauces Movement 3 10:08
13Music For Excited Sauces Movement 4 3:22

Though severely cut, Red Circle doesn't exactly sweep along. It has a deliberate pace as Kallabris sets up the score of thirteen chance acquaintances who plan and carry out the sacking of our acoustic consciousness... Understatement is the method of these compositions for a small modular synthesizer. If there ever was something like heist music, this here surely is. (Vincent Canby, with a few minor changes and adaptions). 

Kallabris is a musical project that was begun in the mid 1980ies out of the scene around Coitra's Clan. Since ist inception Kallabris has persistently neglected any usage of advanced recording technology. Ever since not technical or compositonal innovation is at the core of the group’s work but, the active engagement with the limitations and the objects of every day life. This sound positivism can result in stylistically varied outputs ranging from chanson or country blues to musique concrète – while all musics live by their surfaces. Save the surface and you save all.