The Monochrome Set
Independent Singles Collection
Lantern Rec.
Edition of 500 copies
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1He's Frank
3Eine Symphonie Des Grauens
4Lester Leaps In
5The Monochrome Set
6Mr Bizarro
7He's Frank (Slight Return)
8Silicon Carne
10The Mating Game
12Cast A Long Shadow
13The Bridge
14The Jet Set Junta
15Love Goes Down The Drain
16Killing Dave
17House Of God (live)
18Sweet Death
19Forever Young
20Hurting You
21Little Noises
22I Love Lambeth
23Kissy Kissy
24All Over
25Closing Time

The Monochrome Set’s complete independent singles collection including b-sides and rare tracks for the first time on vinyl. Collected from their time at Rough Trade, Dindisc and Cherry Red, a superb collection of genre defying “new wave” pop. Suave; debonair; sophisticated. Haughty, perhaps, for those who favour the pejorative. Aristocratic in more than one sense, classy in at least as many. The Monochrome Set were effortlessly inventive, literate, poised and immaculate of tuneage, possessed of an internal dialogue as a band that allowed them to surf their own narrative. They were just unlike anything else, in layman’s terms. Their sound harked back to a golden era of British pop songwriters. But there was nothing retrogressive about their endeavours. Instead they wrote songs that recreated the drama and promise of a Pearl & Dean interval theme, veering from lullaby to mambo to harmonic pop, accompanied by lush melodies and irresistibly playful lyrics that embraced morbidity at one extreme, and pitch-perfect satire at another.