Tape Loop Orchestra
Interiors Two
Tape Loop Orchestra
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1Rooms 7-9 16:48
2Rooms 10-13 16:48
3Live Tapes (Bonus CD)2:01

New impressionistic, metaphysical investigations from Andrew Hargreaves’ Tape Loop Orchestra.

Taking his cues from found photos and a hopeless romantic sensibility, Tape Loop Orchestra’s entropic drift carries him thru rooms 7-13 of his ‘Interiors’ trilogy, taking all the time he needs to ponder the questions: “Are there invisible entities left adrift when a room is unoccupied, sounds forever reverberating beyond the life of the body? Is there a way for us to access this library written in the air?”Across the LP he typically divines a moire of ephemeral emotive nudges swept up in ferric swells, while the bonus CD supplies an intimate audience with TLO recorded live at Manchester’s Partisan venue on a chilly sunday evening in winter 2018.

In a transition from fading daylight to darkness, the music on the LP inhabits richly melancholy headspace. Initially clear, plangent keys and choral sighs almost subliminally begin to fray at the edges as their signals become reiterated in outwardly spiralling feedback loops. Across the front the sound connotes a late summer light ebbing away into dusk, gradually allowing the ear’s eye to adjust to the low luminosity of the B-side, where a chill of night seeps into the near-static scenes, fringed by the meridian sound of distant cars or the shiver of spirits accreted in soft furnishings and peeling wallpaper, eventually slowing down to a stark solo piano pulse and even Carpenter-style atmospheric noir.

Leading on beautifully from the LP’s solemn ending is TLO’s live set recorded for an event organised by Tom Houghton at Partisan, a listed building in a historic quarter of Manchester city centre. We were lucky enough to be lulled to a soporific state by said set, and we can assure listeners it’s lost none of its enchanted appeal on the CD.