H.R. Giger’s Studiolo
Vol.1 & Vol.2
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1Flesh Ribbons Streaming Water Spiders 5:38
2Solo French Horn in Stuffetta 2:07
3Giger’s Bust of Mantegna 4:28
4Grotesqueries Metallic Wallpaper 8:13
5Giger’s Venusian Chestburster 3:57
6A Movement in the Cenobytes Journey to 15th Century Verona 11:00
7Giger’s Balinese Green Vaults 5:00
8(Salla D'Arco, Mantua) On Automated Feather in Salla Zodiaco 7:55
9(Salla D'Arco, Mantua) Giger’s Zodiac Fountains 12:19
10(Salla D'Arco, Mantua) A Nymphs Posture in Azzure 5:49
11(Salla D'Arco, Mantua) Zodiac Sign Fish 3:49
12(Salla D'Arco, Mantua) Aquatic Flush of Harpishord Vacui 11:17

An edit-reissue of this gargantuan double cassette released back in 2014 under the Typhonian Highlife moniker, 'H.R. Giger's Studiolo' finds netherworld voyager Spencer Clark at a particularly beguiling conjunction of his labyrinthine-esque soundworld. With complete disregard for linear timelines and trajectories, 'H.R. Giger's Studiolo' finds both inspiration in the swiss master's vision and the Cenobite iconography previously explored by Clark on Fourth World Magazine's 'Pinhead in Fantasia'. The CD Head Cenobite picture adorning the cover makes the connection more than apparent.

A sprawling, two and half hour excursion on the tape version, here properly edited down to the wax container, the first two volumes of 'H.R. Giger's Studiolo' are some of Clark's most mystifying recordings. A baroque odyssey through an hermetic maze of alien voices, warping sound effects, oneiric keyboards and a quasi-orchestral sense of space and dynamics, 'H.R. Giger's Studiolo' feels like an hallucinatory fever dream still unlike everything else, either from before or after. Time doesn't apply here, anyway.