Car Culture
Dead Rock
Allergy Season
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2Waterbaby (feat Great Skin) (feat Great Skin)
3Club Soda (feat Dan Bodan) (feat Dan Bodan)
4Earl Gray
5You (feat Great Skin) (feat Great Skin)
6Fitness (feat Maxime Robillard) (feat Maxime Robillard)
7Talk Story (feat Great Skin) (feat Great Skin)
8Solid Snake
9French Exit
10Sell Out

Car Culture is the most hypnagogic alias of Physical Therapy. Lighthead Records is a new sub-label to Allergy Season, run by Physical Therapy, releasing music for listening.

Car Culture presents Dead Rock: smooth sounds for end times.

Written over the course of a decade, Dead Rock is a tender ten-tracker of electroacoustic ego dissolution, consciously uncoupling with planetary regret. Suspended tones and frictionless glide for long drives, delayed flights and carbon credits.

The record features three collaborations with Great Skin (Steven Phillips-Horst), as well as instrumentation from Maxime Robillard and Dan Bodan. Their contributions help sketch open road songs for the lonesome, crowded self.