Jake Muir
Lady’s Mantle
LP (clear)
2022 repress, edition of 500 copies
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1High Tide 4:34
2Lapis Lazuli 2:21
3Shoal 5:07
4Yaupon 2:25
5Peacocks Tail 5:03
6Green Eyes 5:01
7Buoy 4:16
8Drifter 4:59
9Lanterns Below 4:24

Jake Muir’s by-now classic debut for sferic is a thing of spectral wonder; a luxurious set of gently phased and looped edits and field recordings based around gutted Beach Boys samples.

Sferic cruise the best coast with Jake Muir’s solo debut, arriving in pursuit of the immersive ambient-architextural themes which also influenced Space Afrika’s warmly received ‘Somewhere Decent To Live’ LP and Echium’s lush ’Synthetic Space’ side.

Jake Muir is a sound designer and artist from Los Angeles, California, where he’s previously recorded and released albums under the Monadh moniker for Further Records and Dragon’s Eye Recordings, the latter of which recently lead to his inclusion on the Touch compilation ‘Live At Human Resources’, where he took part in a beautiful group tribute to Jo´hann Jo´hannsson along with a number of solo contributions.

On ‘Lady’s Mantle’ Muir unfurls a poignant sound image crafted from samples of a well loved American pop group and later smudged with field recordings made everywhere from Iceland to California. In nine succinct scenes, the results loosely limn a wide sense of space and place with its fading harmonic auroras and glinting, half-heard surf rock melodies rendered in an abstract impressionist manner that suggests a fine tracing of in-between-spaces, perhaps describing metropolitan sprawl giving way to vast mountain ranges and oceanic scales.

In effect the album recalls the intoxicated airs of Pinkcourtesyphone (a.k.a L.A. resident Richard Chartier) as much as Andrew Pekler’s sensorial soundscapes and even the plangent production techniques of Phil Spector. But for all its implied sense of space, ultimately there’s a paradoxically close intimacy to proceedings which feels like you’re the passenger in Muir’s ride, and he patently knows the scenic route.