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1Crush 4:11
2Rotspots From The Crap Map 6:09
3Jim Dodge Dines At The Penguin Ca 6:53
4Baby Breeze 7:51
5Fan-Dance 3:29
6Velbon 2:27
7Total Horizontal 9:47

Touchpool is the second stunning album from L Pierre aka Aidan Moffat, one half of Arab Strap. L Pierre's debut album Hypnogogia released in September 2002 was greeted with all round critical acclaim from the dance fraternity (Gilles Peterson and Nick Warren in particular) as well as the rock monthlies and broadsheet press. 'An astonishingly evocative, emotionally potent record with a serene but terribly sad beauty' said The Times. Touchpool provides more of the same, and fortunately for the listener that means more of the same grand, sampladelic, atmospheric strings interwoven with light and dark only a member of Arab Strap could bring.

Where Hypnogogia was a collection Moffat's spare studio hours messing with samples, drum machines and loops over a period of around 5 years, Touchpool was formed and recorded in one go. This time the formula is similar, with drum machines and orchestral loops providing the back bone. The main difference is the addition of live musicians which makes for a much fuller and more epic listening experience. Aidan explains, 'I think the album sounds more together as a whole than Hypnogogia, because it was recorded with the intention of making an album, whereas the first one was a bit of a lucky dip and made up of tracks that I'd done over a few years. This wasn't an artistic choice, just sheer laziness!'