RS Produções
Saúde em 1º Lugar
Includes Instant Download
Edition of 500 individually hand-painted, hand-stamped copies. PLEASE NOTE: sleeves have small corner bumps
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1RS Produções & DJ Narciso – ORAÇÃO 4:18
2RS Produções & Farucox – TABA 3:34
3RS Produções & Nuno Beats – Tribal 3:21
4RS Produções & DJ Narciso – Semana Chata 3:08
5RS Produções, DJ Narciso & Nuno Beats – Mitsai 3:04
6RS Produções & Farucox – Sem Cabeça 2:59
7RS Produções, DJ Narciso & Nuno Beats – Texx 3:17
8RS Produções, DJ Narciso & Nuno Beats – Valentine's Day 2K17 2:54
9RS Produções & DJ Narciso – ARMADILHA NO T 2:41
10RS Produções & Nuno Beats – PrinCIPES 2:03
11RS Produções & Nuno Beats – Bué de Bass (acapella)1:05
12RS Produções & DJ Narciso – Bolor 2:01
13RS Produções & Farucox – ESFREGA [Ti Lito] 3:20

Long playing second release by the ever busy RS Produções, showcasing an update of the crew's particularly moody dance beats. Their debut "Bagdad Style" featured only the main core of Narciso and Nuno Beats but RS is expanded with Farucox for this album, adding more oblique rhythms to the whole.

The crew seems to be happy the bleakest and most stressful days of COVID are past them, celebrating the fact with a self-evident title and the opening prayer by Narciso, redirecting God's blessings to the whole family of RS DJs and producers.

What we experience on the 13 tracks (including interludes) is a burst of energy. If not exactly extroverted, it communicates a commitment to the purest strain of batida and, for those able to detect hidden feelings, this music might convey some melancholic undertones true to this part of the world.

Beats and off-beats invite your most abstract dance moves and even the album´s most melodic piece is "headless" (Farucox's spacey afro house "Sem Cabeça"). The slow moving tarraxos are uncompromising but never emotionally detached. "Bolor" by Narciso might be the most demanding moment here, with so many crashing elements that, when reviewing the listening experience, we feel a direct connection to a very unique underground expression of dance music. A good part of its power resides in the dislocation of our senses to a different tuning and the consequent opening up of possibilities. This means access to different territories, vibes and points of view. The idealized way of the world.