Vorwärts Rückwärts
Unsere Stadt
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1Unsere Stadt 1:57
2Steh ich wirklich hier 5:44
3Waisenhaus 3:30
4Zerfällt 4:34
5Je länger 4:57
6Im Fenster 4:00
7Keine Meinung 2:07
8Bin voll dabei 2:55
9Die Farben 6:58
10Die Tage 4:29

Loud and explosive or quiet and solemn, post-punk or pre-noise: Vorwärts Rückwärts (ForwardBackwards) are your allies when you have the feeling that everything around you is falling apart. ForwardBackward gives you energy or comfort, depending on your needs.

We get upset. Very. We scream our frustration at the top of our lungs. Loud. But ultimately it doesn't matter at all. Like in the Bild newspaper - fucking blaming alarm every day, and then it doesn't matter at all. Tomorrow we will have already forgotten what we are upset about today and the day after tomorrow we will be upset about things that we have no idea about today. Doesn't matter! The main thing is that it is loud - has a good beat - a driving bass - sharp guitars and the words have a good sound. Until everyone's ears ring and the practice room smells like an old gymnasium. Now finally pressed on vinyl. Actually at least our fourth debut album. Quickly pressed the stop button and finished and finished a small, fine pralined selection. The sound of now. The Sound of everything and nothing. Viva la contradiction.