Skiing / Classic Muscle
Holly / Where Do We Go From Here
Späti Palace
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1Skiing – Holly 3:30
2Classic Muscle – Where Do We Go From Here 3:08

Späti Palace is a new Berlin based record label supporting Berlin based bands. Born last summer evening among friends sitting on a doorstep with späti beers in hand, Späti Palace is the natural progression of a thriving local music scene often ignored by many but supported, enjoyed and loved by those who participate.

Our motto: cheap and cheerful ... just like your local späti.

SKIING is an alternative-pop trio consisting of Everett Darling (vox, guitar, drums, accor- dion), Philip Hucknall (bass, guitar) and Daniel Boyle (drums, guitar).

Formed in late 2010, the band has had a rotating cast of creative musicians, centering around band leader and only permanent member, Everett Darling. Their first two releases quickly highlighted Everett's songwriting talents. Skiing finally settled as a classic three-piece after they released their second LP, "Holly" in summer 2013. Darling's vocals range from falsetto to a deep and smoky bass often within the same song. Backed up by bassist Hucknall's subtley inventive playing and Boyle's creative drumming and backing vocals, Darling's guitar playing is no less mesmerising than his singing. Earlier spiky, punk-spirited two minute songs sit side-by-side with recent longer, beautifully crafted tracks such as "Haywire/Holiday" and "Holly" from the recent LP and show a band hitting their stride creatively and blossoming into one of the most exciting live acts around. Their sound is as much informed by 50s rock ‘n roll as it is by modern alternative bands such as Pavement, The Breeders, The Pastels and Teenage Fanclub.

"Holly" is a retelling of the Shakespearen poem, "Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind" from his play, "As You Like It," where the holly's sharp, stinging leaves and winter's frosty, bitter wind are used as pale metaphors for people's extraordinary inhumanity.

CLASSIC MUSCLE formed in August, 2013 in strange circumstances. Finding themselves stuck in a summer thunderstorm, luckily close to one of their rehearsal rooms, they formed out of a simple need to shelter; through a jam-session, beers all round, the songs were written in a few hours and recorded in one afternoon, live, raw, irresistible. Take a pick of what influences you want to tag them with (Swell Maps, Half-Japanese, Pixies, The Feelies, Low) the classic, reverb-laden vocal, messy yet ultimately melodic guitars backed with tight drums and bass, these boys tick all the right boxes, it's simply classic in every sense. Adding a considerable amount of muscle to their sound in it's sheer assault-on-the-senses live show, all those lightly reverby and totally safe-sounding Brooklyn bands better watch out, this band is the real deal.

"Where Do We Go From Here". This track is about family.