James Din A4
Ins Licht
Blubbernugget 003
Edition of 300 copies
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1Oh, Hi 6:55
2Baum 5:45
3I AM 5:15
4the Curve 4:24
5Don't stop 4:23
6Great Central Sun 5:42
7XTC 3:47
8Erwin Wurm 3:04
9Azozeo 4:29
10Tugtupite 4:00
11No one f.y. 4:13

The artist Dennis Busch (James Din A4, Joyride, Pop Dylan, Pastor Fitzner, etc.) returns after over 12 years of electronic abstinence under his pseudonym James Din A4 with his new album Ins Licht (Into the light) on David Rauer's label Blubbernugget.

Hedonistic dissociative techno tracks meet twisted, light-drenched house anthems and are gently, yet brutally transformed into a multi-dimensional state of pure euphoria in dream-like sequences and abstractions. Here you can dance like nobody is watching and at the same time put your innerspace time travel on autopilot. This is a record as energetic as a Hi-Frequency crystal. It's 2024. Welcome to the age of I AM.

Musik & Artwork: Dennis Busch
Master & Cut: Loop-O