Christoph De Babalon
Ach, Mensch
Midnight Shift Ltd
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1Non Human Things
2Backward Gallop
3Die Taufe Der Zombies
4And Away With It

»Ach, komm, ein Mensch kann nicht immer gut sein.« This sentiment rings amusingly true for us. How did we find ourselves in this post-truth era, and why does such a term actually exist? In a world where distinctions between right and wrong blur, does the clarity of a black-and-white delineation persist? Are we progressing, or are we regressing to a state reminiscent of the past?

Weaving together the complex tapestry of gore, politics, emotions, and, of course, the human experience in this work is done intricately and reflectively by the hands of Christoph de Babalon.