Nic Arizona
Shavua Tov
Malka Tuti
Malka Tuti LP 011
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1Chapter Aleph (Malibu Storm)
3The Leap (I'm Into Teleporting)
4Floating The Flood (album version) (album version)
5Rules From
6Aba Reads Deuteronomy
7Let Him Who Is Without A Sin (feat The Butterfly) (feat The Butterfly)

Nic Arizona has been around for ages. For years he has been present where needed, providing refuge and solace for those in need, protecting the innocent and the lost. A true cowboy of the night…

Tales of his magical inter dimensional journeys leave an image on ones mind of a young lysgeric version of a somewhat pre historical Desperado.

With his first ever solo musical endeavor “Shavua tov" Nic Arizona dives deep. It is a personal introspective creation, in which he manages to transcend personal and private emotions through a fresh experimental yet communicative language. It is as playful as it is contemplative…

To us in the label, we could sum up the album with: “…it’s like Daniel Johnston after his first experience of a Goa Trance rave in Anjuna circa 1991 having a passover seder at beit habad.. “

Shavua Tov is made of 7 tracks, 7 messages, 7 scroll days.

This album is Nic Arizona’s (Niv Arzi, half of Tel Aviv duo Red Axes) personal communication from the quasi-apocalyptic first Israeli lockdown of March-April 2020, and we are more than thrilled to act as a vessel for its transmission.