Heart Beach
Kiss Your Face
Spunk Records
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Band members Claire McCarthy (bass/vocals), Jonathon McCarthy (guitar/vocals) and Christopher Wessing (drums/guitar) interweaving girl-boy harmonies, insistent guitars and steady rhythms create uniquely crisp yet subtle sounds of simplicity and grandeur. Attracting comparisons to old-school greats such as The Pixies, Echo and The Bunnymen and Joy Division; the Tasmanian indie-pop trio’s musicianship is of the highest calibre.

Heart Beach have shared stages with Harts, Andy Bull, Teeth and Tongue, Dick Diver, Day Ravies and The Ocean Party, Tam Vantage, Kitchen’s Floor, Bent, Popolice and Jealous Husband, as well as hometown heroes The Native Cats and Naked and Treehouse. In 2014 the band toured New Zealand for Camp A Low Hum music festival, followed by performances at Falls Festival, A Festival Called Panama and Rose Quartz Festival at Lake Pedder last summer.

In May 2016 a repressing of the trio's self-titled debut was released in North America and Canada with Vancouver based label Kingfisher Bluez, and Heart Beach toured Australia nationally. Stay tunes for EU dates in 2017.