Various Artists
Test Pressing IV
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1Memotone – False Cobra 2:56
2Giuseppe Ielasi – Untitled, February 2023 3:58
3Andrew Pekler – Neon Nocturne 2:24
4Roméo Poirier – Haut Lieu 2:59
5Nikolaienko – Ambianta VI 3:15
6Felix Kubin – Spukflattern 4:40
7Jake Muir – Spindle 5:06
8Felicity Mangan – Wings 5:20
9Star Searchers – Previsual Stingray Motion FX 4:01
10Tarotplane – We Stutter Between 4:12

The fourth episode of the series includes tracks from such artists as Memotone, Giuseppe Ielasi, Andrew Pekler, Roméo Poirier, Nikolaienko, Felix Kubin, Jake Muir, Felicity Mangan, Star Searchers, and Tarotplane. The first episode was released in 2012 as a debut Muscut record named so and intended to become a label trial, a test of the audience to check whether the world needs one more label with the following episodes in 2018 and 2020.