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1Minibus 1:20
2Dentist 1:39
3Sekt um 12 3:06
4Tacken 3:20
5Hood 2:01
6Rainy 1:52
7Hyena Dancehall 2:47
8Butlin's Minehead Interlude 1:02
9Bangface 2:24
101000 Kicks 0:45
11Puls 2:10
12Soda 2:24
13Paradiso 1:44
14Kupfer 4:32
15U8 2:05
16OHM 2:05
17The Germs 1:26
18Stadtschloss 1:25
19Disc 2:58
20Movement 3:18
21Keller 1:37
22Mean 2:45
23Klangkrieg 3:12
24Cthulhu Drums 2:44
25Bilbao 2:36
26Lockdown 6:39
27Devotion Is Such a Strong Word 1:01

More than two years after their last album release „Who Else“, Modeselektor is back with the new album „Extended“, a mixtape with 27 all new tracks by the Berlin-based duo.

In 2020, Modeselektor spent more time in the studio than ever before, reshaping old tracks, constructing new ones and gradually assembling the mixtape as a response to the chaos and uncertainty of the outside world. The result is „Extended“, a whirlwind flying through 27 tracks in around 66 minutes and maintaining a flow that feels natural, even as the music seesaws through distortion-laced rave riddims, speaker-rattling boom-bap, gnarled dub meditations, gleeful melodic bliss and a lot more. Included are collaborations with Jackson & His Computer Band and legendary dub vocalist Paul St Hilaire.

„Extended“ will get released on April 9, 2021 on CD and Tape and will be followed by a series of EPs, each one built around a different track from the mixtape with vocal contributions, reworks and remixes. In addition, dancer Corey Scott-Gilbert created a choreographed interpretation of „Extended“, which was turned into the film "Work“ by Krsn Bransko and Tobias Staab.