Various Artists
Minna Miteru 2
Morr Music
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morr 187 2lp
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11Chaplin – Out Cont (Out Conte) 3:47
2トクマルシューゴ / Shugo Tokumaru – 5 A.M. 5:48
3F.L.Y. – July 3:21
4わすれろ草 / Wasurerogusa – あきのつばめ / Aki No Tsubame 4:24
5ジョナサン・コンディショナー / Jonathan Conditioner – 人が生まれる / Hito ga Umareru 5:40
6中村祐子 / Yuko Nakamura – 或る夕べ / An Evening Litany 2:03
7KAMA AINA – Wedding Song 5:31
8Yuko Kono – Ginger 3:52
9ジョンのサン / Jon no son – つけも / Tsukemo 1:10
10森山ふとし / Futoshi Moriyama – ゆうたいりだつ / Yūtai-ridatsu 6:20
11mmm – Blue 5:20
12てんしんくん / tenshinkun – 夜 / Night 1:43
21Daisuke Tanabe – Origami 3:12
2その他の短編ズ / Sonotanotanpenz – 不夜城 / Fuyajo 1:36
3んミィ / NNMIE – 水 / Water 2:52
4わびさびくらぶ / WABISABI CLUB – 君のような目にいつかなりたい / Wanna Be Like Your Eyes Someday 3:19
5かきつばた / Kakitubata – スミヨシ / Sumiyoshi 7:44
6HOSE – 野球 / Baseball 2:31
7わんわん / oneone – わんわんのテーマ / The Theme Of oneone 4:38
8王舟 / Oh Shu – アルペジオ / Arpeggio 1:30
9惑星のかぞえかた / How To Count Planets – 少年少女 / Boys & Girls 3:51
10コントノボ / contonovo – 雪がや / yukiga ya 2:26
11狩生健志 / Kariu Kenji – 夢が叶った / YUMEGA KANATTA / My Dream Has Come True 3:15
12FUJI||||||||||TA – 話し方 / How to Speak 4:53
13沼田佳命子 / Kanako Numata – 染め / dye (some) 3:11

Following the »Minna Miteru« compilation, released in 2020, Morr Music announces a sequel, dedicated to Japanese indie music, overflowing with surprises and welcome discoveries. Like its predecessor, »Minna Miteru 2« is compiled by Saya of Tenniscoats, with the support of Markus Acher (The Notwist). It’s also another part of the Minna Miteru universe, alongside retrospective albums by The Andersens (»There Is A Sound«, 2020) and yumbo (»The Fruit Of Errata«, 2021). Taken together, these albums suggest a scene in rude health, sharing a unique vibration.

If its predecessor circled around Tenniscoats and their close friends, the second volume, though featuring a collaboration between Tenniscoats and Deerhoof as oneone, reaches far further afield, drawing from music old and new, far and wide. Consistent across »Minna Miteru 2« is a sense of wonder and a cheerful unpredictability: you never quite know what you’ll hear next. There are some gorgeous indie pop songs here, like Yuko Kono’s »Ginger« or HOSE’s »Baseball«, but there are other sounds too, like Kariu Kenji’s blue-hued electro-pop, or the wheezing pipe-organ ambient of FUJI||||||||||TA: »Minna Miteru 2« hints at new kinds of beauty.

Some of the more widely known names here contribute typically gorgeous melodies – Kama Aina’s »Wedding Song«, from 2005’s »Hawaii Hawaii« CD, is a reflective tune that combines a country-ish lilt with hints of slack-key guitar. Shugo Tokumaru’s »5 A.M.« is a delirious psychedelic pop mantra, drawn from his excellent 2005 album, »L.S.T.«. Many of the revelations, though, come from artists and groups relatively unknown outside Japan. The lovely, disorienting glitch-folk of Wasurerogusa features Aki Tsuyuko, perhaps best known for her albums on Thrill Jockey and Jim O’Rourke’s Moikai label, collaborating with psych-folk legends Eddie Marcon.

There’s also the delightful synth-pop of Jonathan Conditioner; the electronic dreamscape of Chaplin, whose opening »Out Cont« runs along several parallel paths at once; the twinkling, acoustic jangle at the heart of mmm’s luscious »Blue«; and a curious collection of miniatures, from acts like tenshinkun, Daisuke Tanabe and NNMIE, that embrace a childlike curiosity, essaying a kind of toytown pop-tronica.

The twenty-six songs on »Minna Miteru 2« repeatedly catch you unawares, upending your expectations and signaling both the breadth and depth of the Japanese indie underground. It’s a compilation of play and pleasure, but also of bold experiment smuggled into the everyday through pop music’s welcoming moods, magically creating a new world for the listener, spun out of the air and woven in between your ears.