Roberto Musci
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1A Shell Immerse In The Dark 1:30
2Back To Chambi Lake 3:47
3Sepik Dream 3:05
4The Frogs Of Darana 4:12
5Virgin Of The Dawn 3:45
6Dance Of Heinghene 4:27
7Kaluli Crayfish Song 2:36
8Voices Of The Spirits 3:30
9Vaihiti 2:37
10Wahnui, The Guardian Of The Yam 3:05
11Incantation Chant 2:58
12Kaluli Storm Song 2:46
13Twilight In The Low Tide 3:33

A journey back in time, maybe thousands of years ago, somewhere in the isolated islands of Melanesia. Here, just like a sound alchemist, Roberto Musci transforms organic nature elements into a unique sound performance of self-estrangement.

In the artists’ laboratory, we will discover a melting pot of ancestral ceremonial sounds collided with contemporary chamber music and experimental-electronic methods based on music research. Among these, ethnical music of the populations of Kanaki, Itamul, Kaluli, Niugini, Abelam, Huli, Enga unconventionally search for an intrinsic connection between humankind and music, part of our lives since the dawn of times. Several studies have highlighted in the DNA of the people of Melanesia genetic traits that trace their origins back to the man of Neanderthal and Denisova (about 70,000 years ago). Their isolation has preserved primitive culture and, perhaps, music.

Roberto Musci composed “Melanesia” based on the Plunderphonics technique mixing traditional ethnic music with contemporary chamber music and concrete music. Mastered by Kassian Troyer at Dubplates & Mastering, “Melanesia” is released in a limited edition 12", 180g vinyl, with a cover artwork created by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo.

Roberto Musci is an Italian music composer, performer, saxophonist and guitar player, born in 1956 in Milan, Italy. From 1974 to 1985 he traveled around the world to research African, Indian, Near East, and Far East music. During his travels, he recorded on-field music, studied and collected ethnic music instruments from across many countries and cultures.

His LP “Water messages on desert sand” composed and performed with Giovanni Venosta was Grammy-nominated in the UK in 1987. Roberto Musci released LPs and CDs with many European labels, including Raw Material, Island Records, Music from Memory, and Recommended Records. He collaborated with musicians and researchers from all over the world, composed and performed music for films, live soundtracks for silent movies, audio-video installations, poems, dance, and theatre.

His latest project, "Melanesia", is composed based on the Plunderphonics technique mixing traditional ethnic music with contemporary chamber music and concrete music. The artist puts together live recordings of tribal ethnic music of indigenous people from the Pacific islands of Melanesia, performed with the body and with archaic instruments. Along with these, contemporary chamber music collides with the sea, wind, rain, thunderstorms of the Melanesian islands, modified according to the techniques of Concrete Music, in homage to Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry, two of the artists who shaped his way of experiencing sound.