Sad Lovers & Giants
Epic Garden Music
Radiation Records
LP (white)
2022 repress
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1Echoplay 2:56
2Clocktower Lodge 4:18
3Clint 3:30
4Lope 3:50
5Cloud 9 3:24
6ART (By Me) 2:57
7Alice (Isn't Playing) 3:46
8Landslide 3:01
9Far From The Sea 4:46
10Lost In A Moment 4:20
11When I See You 3:18
12Colourless Dream 4:48
13Things We Never Did 4:09
14Imagination 5:41

Formed in the anonymous town of Watford, northwest of London, in 1980, atmospheric quintet Sad Lovers and Giants was part of the bourgeoning post-punk scene. With a barely perceptible undercurrent of paisley psychedelia, the group’s jangling guitars, eerie keyboards, subdued beats, and brooding vocals put them somewhere between the Chameleons, Echo and the Bunnymen and early Cure. Epic Garden Music was the debut release on Nick Ralph’s Midnight Music label and this expanded edition comes with five bonus tracks taken from their first three singles – a must for all SLG fans and post-punk devotees.