Sonja Tofik, Mar-llena
Vilar i dina spår
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1Ilona's Lament 3:40
2Lumi 4:26
3Uin kaukana 3:58
4I din famn, äntligen fri 4:12
5Monrepos 3:09
6Yksinäinen vuori 4:38
7Syöjä 4:57

In this release, Sonja Tofik and Marlena Lampinen provide us with both collaborative tracks and own creations, ranging from taped melancholy synth melodies to gnawing pieces of malaise. ‘Vilar i dina spa°r’ was originally released as a very limited cassette-only release in the summer of 2017. The release went out of stock quickly and has been asked for since. Looking back, it is a beautiful, very well put together release and Moloton has decided to remaster and re-release it on vinyl and digital.