G. Steenkiste & U. Schütte
G. Steenkiste & U. Schütte
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1U. Schütte & G. Steenkiste – Meestal Hieronder 20:45
2U. Schütte & G. Steenkiste – Guter Alter Richard 17:40

These two pieces, recorded in sessions in Ghent, Belgium and Hamburg, Germany, represent the first musical collaboration between long-time friends U. Schütte (half of the German duo Phantom Horse, with several releases on Umor Rex) and G. Steenkiste (aka Hellvete). In this work, two specific traditions of the avant garde of modern electronic music of the meet elegantly: the systematic, evolutionary and minimal construction of harmonic and solemn forms, with the patience and aesthetics of long durations ––where small changes take time but are always punctual and precise. U. Schütte & G. Steenkiste built a beautiful meeting between electric and acoustic music, basically carried out with a harmonium, a shruti box and modular synthesizers. Beauty is in the details and what Schütte and Steenkiste do here is to cover two long landscapes with well-consolidated details that invite contemplation and moments of extreme sensory relaxation. You have to give yourself a space to listen and see through sound, and these two long pieces are a rare and perfect opportunity to do so.

Recorded by G. Steenkiste and U. Schütte in December 2020 in Sint-Denijs & Hamburg. Mastered by Edgar Medina. Photos & design by Daniel Castrejón.