Maurice Lecoeur
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1Faux suspense 0:48
2L'or rouge richesse du Zaire 1:47
3Le soleil qui rit rouge 1:10
4Les petites filles modèles 2:02
5Donne moi la terre 2:01
6Lualaba, source d'énergie 1:41
7Fair Pale Sweet And Nice 3:21
8Safari au Kivu, thème 1 1:23
9Evocation du Shaba 1:29
10Bayou 2:39
11Safari au Kivu, thème 2 1:24
12Sans préméditation 0:42
13Le ballet inachevé 3:31
14Les bijoux de famille, thème 1 1:59
15Mélodie retrouvée 2:36
16Tartares 1:30
17La rage de lire 1:20
18Le vin des Carpathes 1:49
19Les bijous de famille, thème 2 1:43
20Chili 1:18
21L'oeil de la nuit 1:16
22Madame Holle 2:00

Maurice Lecoeur could be considered as France’s best kept secret composer. Although hardly known outside of «digging-nerds» circles, he produced an incredible number of themes for movies, TV programs and commercials. Inspired by his friend and mentor François de Roubaix, he managed to create his own print, juggling freely with genres, harmonies, tonalities and string arrangements.

This fine compilation gathers together the cream of his 70s-to-mid-80s work ; a journey overflowing with pop fantasies, crazy drum-breaks and beautiful orchestral themes.

Most of these magnetic tapes are totally unrealeased and could have burned in the terrible fire that devastated Lecoeur’s home studio in the early 90’s. For fans of Jean Claude Vannier, Michel Colombier, François De Roubaix and Janco Nilovic...