Various Artists
Profile Of The Lines
Concentric Records
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180g vinyl, custom made gatefold, incl. insert, edition of 350 copies
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1Pole – Fading (Vinyl only)3:57
2Daniela Huerta [feat. Cornelia Thonhauser] – LeitMotiv 4:49
3Samuel Rohrer – The Grid 6:16
4Vladislav Delay – Six 5:27
5Jake Muir – Jake Muir - Nilas 6:02
6Hotel neon – Monolith 5:46

This compilation opens with a bright and luminous sound exploring at first a narrative, musical dimension, with a moving energy. As a counterpoint, the second half takes us into an intimate and interior space, ending the album in the opposite sphere - calm and ethereal. Each track on the album is produced with a different process, resulting in a wide exploration of landscapes, tonalities and textures.

POLE - FADING „Fading“ is taken from my forthcoming album and was composed in Spring 2019 while I was working on music inspired by "The Loss of Memory" (Dementia). Very old and long-forgotten details from the past slowly come back to our minds where they remain active, while we forget the most recent memories. We are „Fading“ back to our early days in childhood while we are losing present memory, cognitive skills and physical abilities we have learned during our lifetime.

DANIELA HUERTA (FEAT. CORNELIA THONHAUSER) - LEITMOTIV ‘Alluring black roses in a past dream’. Inspired by words and suspense of movie trailers from the 60’s & 70’s with a slight B movie touch

SAMUEL ROHRER - THE GRID ‘The Grid’ is a reflection on how we are dominated by a descending movement of materialistic desire, which undermines our full potential. Recorded in Berlin, this piece is part of an ongoing process to organically blend textures of percussive and melodic synths with acoustic percussion, singing drums and its overtones

VLADISLAV DELAY - SIX ’Beyond pattern, we are taken aback to the very beginning of development’. Created early 2014 before ”Visa” album. Music has been kept as it was originally made

JAKE MUIR - NILAS Nilas, a thin elastic crust of ice, was recorded at the Banff Centre for the Arts, having been inspired by the cold climate there. The piece is sourced from material given to me by Chris Herbert, plus two personal field recordings made in Banff and Iceland

HOTEL NEON - MONOLITH Written and recorded by Hotel Neon in Dayton, OH, Philadelphia, PA, and Baltimore, MD. "Monolith" is a reflection on vast landscape, and in particular the power that high mountains have on us: motionless, timeless, and monolithic forms that still manage to play very active roles in shaping our imagination. "I knew when I had looked for a long time that I had hardly begun to see.” - Nan Shepherd

PROFILE OF THE LINES is inspired by our collective landscape, the sense of awareness over place and belonging. Mastered by Stefan Betke at ~Scape Mastering, Berlin. Photography by Alessio Boni. Artwork by Victoria Martínez. Special thanks to Jamie, Dana, Alessio, Stefan, Daniela, Samuel, Sasu, Jake, Andrew, Michael, Steven, Barbara, Eli & Linh. Vladislav Delay - Six appears courtesy of WARP Publishing.

CONCENTRIC RECORDS - the new ambient / cross-genres record label established in 2020 by Simone Merli (Soundwalk Collective) and Luca Calo (Born In 1986) - launches its introductory release as a record in three parts that features a wide range of works from established pioneers as well as emerging talents, whose sound combined evokes a new and yet-to-be-determined musical landscape. Inspired by a sense of collective movement, and spawned by the work of artists who operate in between set approaches and styles, the label releases high quality, carefully-designed physical editions of recordings that defy genres and promote inter-cultural links.