Various Artists
My Greatest Revenge: Flamenco Recordings 1904-1938
Death Is Not The End
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1El Mochuelo – I Remember You Frequently
2La Andalucita – Tender Whining I Heard
3El Carbonerillo – I Don't Feel Any Pain
4Nina De La Puebla – My Pains Are Very Big
5Jose Cepero – My Greatest Revenge
6Pepe De La Matrona – I Abhor What I Adhore
7Juanito Mojama – It Was Because I Didn't Feel Like It
8Nino De Cabra – I'm Tired Of Living
9Cojo De Malaga – I Don't Know For What Reason
10Pepe Pinto – It Has The Colour Of Blood
11Juanito Mojama – How Much Have I Slept
12La Nina De Los Peines – Now You Go & Leave Me
13Juan Breva – They Take Away My Love For You
14Tomas Pavon – To My Mother Of My Soul

Death Is Not The End presents a limited LP pressing of their collection of haunted, brooding flamenco recordings taken from the early 1900s through to the late 1930s. Focussing in on the cante jondo (or "deep song") style, seen as the original manifestation of flamenco singing - from which other elements emerged, such as dancing and playing - this survey captures and documents tracks from the form's earliest recorded stars.