Suburban Cracked Collective
Swimming Amongst The Dregs
A Colourful Storm
LP (ltd.)
Edition of 250 copies
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1So Much Unlicked Air
2Makeshift Visions
3Where Are The Real Ones
4Thousand Year Old Heart
5All Wretch No Vomit
6It's All Gone Sideways

A Colourful Storm presents a piece of the contemporary Australian underground. Suburban Cracked Collective is the project of Shaun Leacy, a figure with ties to Hour House, Castings and Altered States Tapes but otherwise shrouded in mystery. His private-pressed album, Private Failings was a cult hit of 2019, nabbing the attention of The Trilogy Tapes, Free Form Freakout and the WFMU freaks. Swimming Amongst The Dregs is the follow up and is an unbelievable mesh of concrète, electronics and un-pop overtones. Future classic for those into Dean Blunt, Kallista Kult and the subdued projects of James Ferraro. Edition of 250 with full-colour artwork.