Echos (Remixed by The Orb)
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1Echos (Remixed by THE ORB)13:36

With their upcoming album, Marco Haas (T.Raumschmiere) and Ulli Bomans (Schieres) aka SHRUBBN!! venture all the way off the beaten path to tackle a sphere of sound previously unexplored by this eclectic duo. The result of their two-year tour de force, ECHOS, turns out to be an exceptionally engrossing aural novel, a sonic adventure saturated in bass, cheeps and whispers, in chords, gleams and hovering wisps covering a darker sound. After 15 years, ECHOS marks a return to the gist and nature of it all. The darkest of storms! Analogue, deep and about to let go. It’s all about playful experimentation, not organisation. And for our pre-listening pleasures, SHRUBBN!! up the ante with an extended outtake. Enjoy a cool 13 minutes of LX Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann ffwd-ing through SHRUBBN!!’s entire album, twisting it into a cracker of an ORB remix. In love with the music, free, strong and out of this world, hovering up there in its own orbit. The result is a brain-busting standout track that deserves a standalone release. So, keep your ears peeled for this appetite-whetting, one-sided SHITKATAPULT 12-inch, wrapped in artwork by TRANSFORMA (who also tweak and choreograph SHRUBBN!!’s synapse-bursting live visuals).