Positive Disintegration
Blackest Ever Black
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1We 4:06
2Foreign Policy 3:42
3W.I.G.T.D.W.M 4:04
4Disintegrate 4:18
5Dogshit 3:07
6Only My Own 3:49
7Missed The Bus 5:39
8Opfer 2:25

Positive Disintegration is the second album from Diät. A four-piece comprising two Australians and two Germans, all with long histories in hardcore, these punks-on-wave were the best live band in the city, and best all-round geezers, during those strange in-between days - channelling the bleak crunching attack of early Killing Joke, the terse minimalism of Crisis and the Mob, the chorus-pedal grandstanding of peak Chameleons (maybe) and the bittersweet pop impulse of the Cannanes (definitely) into songs that spoke eloquently and angrily to our contemporary first-world malaise. Or as they themselves put it: the sound of checking your bank balance to see if you’ve been paid yet...and you haven’t.