John Also Bennett
Music for Save Rooms 1&2
Editions Basilic
Includes Instant Download
Edition of 150 copies
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11Still Inside the Deku Tree 5:37
2Save Room 3 11:21
3Utopia and Oblivion 8:44
4Save Room 6 9:55
5Utopia and Oblivion (Return)9:24
6Spiegel im Spiegel 8:08
21Sky Music 5:26
2Power Plant 5:35
3Desolation 5:18
4Glass Castle 3:44
5Out Back 2:40
6Embarkation 3:20
7Computer Terminal 2:15
8Letter From Home 5:33
9Ambling 2:58

John Also Bennett (JAB)’s »Music for Save Rooms 1&2« compiles two volumes of minimalist music initially conceived as infinitely looping and morphing compositions for conceptual ›save rooms‹ - temporary safe spaces within video game maps. »Music for Save Rooms 1,« first released digitally in 2020 and »meant to color the atmosphere of a room in which you can stay a while,« has been definitively mixed and expanded, and is presented here alongside »Music for Save Rooms 2,« a second album of music stemming from the same original sessions. »Save Rooms 2« differs from its predecessor - instead of a collection of disparate works centered around a theme, the album presents a narrative, a tour through the mind’s eye of an artist searching for an elusive place, somewhere in the open world of our collective consciousness.

Double CD set mastered by Stephan Mathieu.