Carsten Nicolai
Ray Collector
Gatefold sleeve, 8-page booklet, picture disc
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Due to the nature of the recording no soundclips can be provided - also please mind that any audible distortion on the vinyl record is intended/no product flaw and will not constitute a reason for return.

»Ray Collector« features recordings sourced from tapes produced by Carsten Nicolai for his 2023 solo exhibition »Strahlen/Raggi« at Fondazione Modena Arti Visive.

In February 2022, Carsten Nicolai dispatched ten parcels from Berlin to various destinations. Each package contained a blank magnetic tape cassette, an Ilford Delta 3200 ISO 1000 black-and-white film, and a Kodak ISO 800 color negative film. All parcels were addressed to the same recipient, Mr. Nemo, the unforgettable captain of the submarine Nautilus in »Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea«. The idea was for the recipients to return the parcels to the sender. Each package held magnetic tapes and photosensitive films that would be exposed to electromagnetic waves and radiation during their journey. Upon their return to the sender, the latent impressions were developed, digitized, and thus made both visible and audible.