Giovanni Tommaso
Indefinitive Atmosphere
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Edition of 800 copies, tip-on sleeve
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1Strong Beat
2Due Per 5/4
5Mr Slam
6Walk Slow
7Clap Dance
8Indefinite Atmosphere
9Jazz Gallery
12Bass Pedal

Giovanni Tommaso is an Italian Jazz bassist and founder and member of the important Italian Jazz Rock ensembles, the Perigeo band.

He composed »Indefinitive Atmosphere« at the end of 1969, recorded it at RCA studios in Rome & released a few months after in 1970 on Sermi label. »Indefinitive Atmosphere« was the first album he released as a sole composer/artist. The Maestro dug in personal archive for us and finally found a copy of the original master tape containing part of the recordings. Besides the misspelled title »Indefinitive« instead of »Indefinite«, that became part of the legend here, this album was incredibly ahead of his time, with the young Maestro Tommaso playing electric bass and contrabass a in studio ensemble composed of 3/4 elements plus the strings section, with plenty of stunning Jazz-Funk, Jazz-Rock and Free Jazz tracks. The session is also known for including the legendary American Jazz soprano sax Steve Lacy on the track called »Steve"«, where he plays a sax solo.

We entirely restored the full session from the original tapes found, and digitally remastered the sound for a greater sound experience, chasing the original analog source.