Mads Emil Nielsen
Framework (1)
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1Framework 1 1:34
2Framework 2 2:18
3Framework 3 4:36
4Framework 4 2:56
5Framework 5 0:45
6Framework 6 1:33
7Framework 7 2:24
8Framework 8 1:17
9Framework 9 1:39
10Framework 10 1:56
11Framework 11 1:00
12Framework 12 1:56
13Framework 13 1:26
14Framework 14 4:03

Framework is a series of graphic scores and recordings by Copenhagen-based musician Mads Emil Nielsen. Framework (1) consists of 14 hand-drawn graphic scores with simple instructions and a recording for each score.

Instructions: These 14 graphic scores may be played by any configuration of instruments and players - the recordings may be of any duration. Some of the scores are linear and may be read from left to right; others are meant as a conceptual inspiration for composition and performance. The balance between these two approaches is to be decided by the interpreter. A circle should be seen as a space, room or atmosphere. A line illustrates direction / time, and possibly a sustained tone. Smaller dots or points may be read as dust, drops, texture or granulation. An incomplete circle or square marked with an arrow signifies a loop / repetition, which consists of certain elements, if notated.

"The internal logic of this is quite specific - in places it reminds me of Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt's sparse Synthi studies, yet considerably more fleshed-out and multi-tracked - Nielsen clearly knows his way around his chosen instrument & the tightly controlled, flitting micro-events that make up each piece's "Orchestra" are extremely well chosen. Nielsen's thought process appears to be at a unique nexus of Cardew-styled pattern-notation experiments & "Live" - or more accurately, "Performed" Electronic Music & this set is definitely one-of-a-kind - plus I haven't seen a hand / home-made edition this thorough since Martijn Hohmann sent over that box of Universaal Kunst editions back in 2010." - K. F. Whitman / Mimaroglu Music