The Original Faces
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1Ryder 3:17
2Motorcycle 1:50
3Covered In Shade 1:19
4Felt This Way 4:01
5Pass Me By 2:16
6Right Outside 2:16
7Allison 3:34
8Dying All The Time 3:56
9Grace 2:39
10City Breathing 1:52
11Violet 4:09
12The Original Faces 1:35

Liz Harris (aka Grouper) band project plays bittersweet noise and shoegaze songs from another time. 'The Original Faces' marks a pretty different experience of Harris' work.

HELEN is a pop group from Oregon. LIZ HARRIS (vocals/lead guitar), JED BINDEMAN (drums/tambourine), SCOTT SIMMONS (bass/guitar), and HELEN (back up vocals). Originally started with the intention of being a thrash band, it turned into something else entirely. The Original Faces was recorded over a period of several years in Portland by the band members, their friends NICK, CHRIS and, largely, JUSTIN HIGGINS. Written together, some songs based on Liz and Scott's demos.