Das Bierbeben
Staub Remixe
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strike_049 ep
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1Staub (Robag Wruhme's Im-Brokklio-Staub-Wisch Rmx)7:04
2Staub 5:12
3Reproduktion Rmxd By Peter Grummich (Peter Grummich Remix)6:40
4Reproduktion (Unbekannte Version)2:37

Two songs, "Staub" and "Reproducktion," from the Bierbeben album "No Future No Past" are being released as a 12" with remixes for those people who might want to hear more of them. Amazaingly enough, the remixes come first on each side for your enjoyment.

"Whignomy vs. Robag Wruhme," the remixers of "Staub" don't know a single janitor, except the one at De:Bug magazine, but she is also from the DDR. Anyhow Whignomy vs Robag Wruhme build up a Tricky style disco with plenty of acid-punch. What does a woodlouse hear under the rug? Pieces that stink like dust mites. Brina Vino elaborates: "I'm still sick from yesterday." Wolf Dosenbiermann: "Egypt?" Der Osten: "I'm lucky my name isn't on this."

Peter Grummich buttons up "Reproduktion" for himself and programs a lasagne layer by layer out of Gnüdel with Rockfleisch-sauce. It's accompanied by this three-legged double-hollow bass beat that works with "IÜ" sounds like DJ DSLs „I Ü I Ä Ö Ä ÜH“ from Happy Bear but, instead, much faster. This is a bit far-fetched but when you hear it for real you might get all mixed up since, in truth, this is a rave track. Alfred Bierlek: "I have to puke soon, no right now, hualp." Der Westen: "Is it me?"