The Good Missionaries
Fire From Heaven
Spittle Records
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1Another Coke/The Body 6:39
2The Force Is Blind 4:25
3Thief Of Fire 1:46
4The Radio Story/Strange Looks 7:11
5Fire From Heaven 4:18
6Release The Natives 4:46
7Fellow Sufferer In Dub 5:24
8Bugger The Cat 5:11

Born out of the ashes of Alternative TV, The Good Missionaries embodied Mark Perry's new and advanced Experimental-Post-Punk vision. Avoiding all kinds of average Rock cliches, Perry got more and more deeply into an uncompromised form of music. A totally new area where his solid Punk roots were confronted by a more free, radical approach to the sound material. During their lifetime The Good Missionaries toured and gigged with other distinctive, unconventional bands such as The Fall, The Pop Group, Crass, Scritti Politti...

Recorded live on their 1979 tour, Fire from Heaven comes as tangible proof of the band's explosive energy on stage. An infectious mix of electric noise, raw grooves, space, and resolute Punk attitude. This brand new, digitally remastered edition comes as the first vinyl reissue since its 1979 original release.