The Humble Bee
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Edition of 150 copies, risograph printed o-card
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1Murmur 27:09
2Whisper 27:09

The Manchester based artist Craig Tattersall aka The Humble Bee returns to Dauw with 2 longform compositions centered around piano. The recordings were partly captured by a contact mic attached to his garden bird feeder adding an organic and intimate touch to the music. Hence, the album presents itself as a more outside experience and complements the Autumn season quite well. Susurration is available as a limited risograph cassette edition and digitally with artwork for Skrew Studio.

For the occasion, the label decided to reissue Craig's earlier Dauw cassette releases including "Instruction booklet n. 1232", "Deathless songs" and "Things are sweeter when they're lost". These albums sold out shortly after their release or were not even available publicly until now. The original silkscreen artwork by Femke Strijbol has been reinterpreted with risograph techniques. These albums will be available separately on limited cassette editions.