DJ Rashad
Double Cup
Pias Recordings
LP (gold)
Printed inner sleeves
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1Feelin (Feat. Spinn And Taso)4:33
2Show U How (Feat. Spinn)3:29
3Pass That Shit (Feat. Spinn And Taso)4:20
4She A Go (Feat. Spinn And Taso)3:40
5Only One (Feat. Spinn And Taso)3:48
6Everyday Of My Life (Feat. Dj Phil)3:18
7I Dont Give A Fuck 2:40
8Double Cup (Feat. Spinn)4:11
9Drank Kush Barz (Feat. Spinn)3:39
10Reggie 3:40
11Acid Bit (Feat. Addison Groove)3:27
12Leavin (Feat. Manny)4:16
13Let U No (Feat. Spinn)4:13
14I'm Too Hi (Feat. Earl)3:00

The groundbreaking debut album by Footwork pioneer DJ Rashad, who passed away shortly after the release of this album. As the founder of the Teklife crew, Rashad was an adventurous spirit and one of the most fearless innovators in the Footwork genre. He evolved from a local figure in Chicago to a globally recognized rhythmic reference for producers.