Bill Callahan
Have Fun With God
Drag City
DC 571 LP
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1Thank Dub 4:29
2Expanding Dub 3:39
3Small Dub 4:03
4Call It Dub 5:17
5Ride My Dub 5:09
6Summer Dub 6:28
7Transforming Dub 5:51
8Highs In The Mid-40's Dub 5:38

Dub is a spiritual, abstract, visceral, mystical thing. Finite and Infinite at the same time. Deeply rooted in the earth and embracing outer space. Don’t be fooled by names, Dub has come and gone. Dub is a ghost, a duppy. A duppy of a childhood guppy. Flushed and thriving in the sewers and the swamps. Here you will find versions of the Dream River songs that have been killed and resurrected, spilling tales of the other side of life in a language conceivable only if you let yourself be taken there.