Various Artists
Pop Ambient 2022
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Kompakt CD 169
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1Black Gloss – Coiling
2Yui Onodera – Cromo 6
3Markus Guentner & Joachim Spieth – Kari
4Reich & Wurden – Grainscan
5Triola – Mutterkorn
6Thomas Fehlmann – Rosen Fliegen
7Morgen Wurde – Weiht (feat Maria Estrella)
8Thore Pfeiffer – Isola
9Max Wurden & Pepo Galan – Seis Minutos Mas
10Andrew Thomas – Kiss The Horizon

Again, the current edition of the tradition-steeped compilation series curated by Wolfgang Voigt is about the persistent and ever-necessary definition of beauty, of reduction, of electronic music of heavy lightness and light heaviness, of ambient's eternal promise of a state of physical and acoustic weightlessness and Pop's of redemption. And about the question why a never arbitrary combination of soundscape, drones, samples and loops, put together in a certain way, can create this feeling of warmth, depth and space, - something three-dimensional, where the imagination feels at home as a fish in the water or a bird in the sky. A key aesthetic stimulus that sends all the senses into a slow glide and drift, after which your synapses feel like they've been bathed in essential oil. Next to Soul, Ambient is probably the most effective musical healing plant of mankind.