Nicole Lachartre
Metaphon 012
Slipcase sleeve edition, 300 copies, 12-page booklet
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1Mundus Sensibilis 19:20
2Mundus Intellectualis 10:23
3Mundus Imaginabilis 6:48
4Transmutation 11:55
5Temps Intemporel 9:45
6Mordre La Terre Vivante 14:20
7La Pêche à la Ligne 4:07
8Ultimes 18:05
9Onirique 6:34
10Hommage à Amiel 12:24

First ever release of female French composer, musicologist and writer Nicole Lachartre (1934-1991). This 3LP set comprises most of her electronic and concrete music compositions recorded in the 60’s and 70’s, all previously unreleased. Lachartre had a classical formation, studied with a.o. Darius Milhaud, Iannis Xenakis and Michel Philippot.

Her broad formation and interest as well as her profound commitment and singular vision created a solitary voice even within the field of electronic and concrete music, strangely enough unheard till this day. Her first tape composition from 1968 was recorded in Pierre Henry’s Apsome studio and most of her other electronic and electro-acoustic compositions included in this box set were recorded at the IPEM in Ghent.

The booklet includes track info and a text by Vincent De Roguin and Mark Harwood, notes by Lachartre and a rare portrait photo from 1969.