Various Artists
Flux Gourmet
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Ba Da Bing
BING 197 LP / Includes Download Code
Gatefold sleeve
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1Heather Trost – Early Gardens
2Roj – Trip To The Shops
3The Sonic Catering Band – Death Borscht
4The Sonic Catering Band – The Third Gastric Surge Of The Night
5Jeremy Barnes – The Funeral Table
6The Sonic Catering Band – Greed
7The Sonic Catering Band – HLA-DQ8
8Heather Trost – Early Gardens
9Roj – Trip To The Shops (Football)
10Nurse With Wound – Hindu Monastery Breakfast
11Tim Harrison – Ohmlette's Law
12The Sonic Catering Band – Vegetable Trash
13The Sonic Catering Band – A Sedimental Journey
14The Sonic Catering Band – Baron Von Omelette
15The Sonic Catering Band – Dossierge De Canteen
16Cavern Of Anti Matter – Insufflation Tube
17Jeremy Barnes – The Funeral Table (Gluten-Free)
18The Sonic Catering Band – A Pain I Can't Hold In
19Heather Trost – Earliest Gardens
20Dan Hayhurst – Monday Service
21The Sonic Catering Band – Dietary Crash II
22Marta Salogni – Cross-Contamination
23Roj – Trip To The Shops (Closing Down)
24Jeremy Barnes – The Funeral Table (Demonstration)

In Peter Strickland’s Flux Gourmet, a dysfunctional group of performance artists undertake a month-long residency at an institute devoted to culinary disciplines. Food is interrogated for its sonic potential as the group mic-up, amplify, distort and transform what they cook in front of an audience. The noise that the characters in the film itself make is driven by food blenders, overflowing cauldrons of gurgling soup and sizzling frying pans (courtesy of The Sonic Catering Band), yet the music that soundtracks the culinary capers is engorged with aching melodies and wordless, airy vocals. Contributors include Cavern of Anti-Matter, Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost of A Hawk and a Hacksaw and Trost’s band, Roj (formerly of Broadcast), and Nurse With Wound. Flux Gourmet is presented in a lush 2xLP package with an ornate, colorful design and Strickland’s detailed liner notes.

Image, color, light and sound are integrated and heightened to delirious levels of hyperreality, much like Strickland’s past works, Berberian Sound Studio and In Fabric. Flux Gourmet very much alludes to his past as a member of The Sonic Catering Band, which he founded back in 1996. The band split on several occasions and got back together to create new pieces for the soundtrack, concocting strange sonic morsels and treating recipes as if they were scores. The lines between what is on the screen and what is on the soundtrack are blurred, with the band (mostly) using the exact same equipment (which they loaned to the production) and recipes as in the film. However, for all the conceptual rigour on display, the music on the Flux Gourmet is ultimately in pursuit of catharsis, as one character concedes. The power of music and/or noise to purge and cleanse its makers (and hopefully, listeners) of their ills and woes.