Loris S. Sarid & Innis Chonnel
Where The Round Things Live
12th Isle
Risographed j-card
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1Glide (Clip)
2Dolphin (Clip)
3Sun Cylinder (Clip)
4Sanity Beach (Clip)
5Langoustine Psychomagic (Clip)
6Spalted Water Portal (Clip)
7Cathkin Shark (Clip)

New family members Loris S. Sarid & Innis Chonnel summon a long-overdue return to the 12th Isle with an album built around percussive sounds taken from various mic-ed up objects found in a wood workshop on the East Coast of Scotland. With the pair occasionally leaving said workshop to enjoy some respite in Innis Chonnel’s horse box / studio, the artists hatched a plan to process and program their field recordings, later combining them with improvised synthesiser rhythms and overdubs. The tracks began to materialise over the course of a few follow-up sessions by which time saws sang and flutes flowed through watering cans. Shortly afterwards they found their way to us via carrier pigeon on a CD-ROM that smelt vaguely of soiled hay and we knew we had to act.

With the help of an old reel to reel and the tape bounce & mastering work of Murray Collier, we present them here in their final format