Valentina Magaletti
La Tempesta Colorata
A Colourful Storm
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1Valentina Magaletti - La Tempesta Colorata - 01 La Tempesta Colorata 46:36

Percussionist extraordinaire Valentina Magaletti recorded live at Colourful Storm's showcase at Cafe Oto in 2021. Intricate, textural longform percussion pieces comprised of traditional drums, found objects, voice and electroacoustics conjured to hypnotic effect. A rare solo recording, following collaborations with Laila Sakini, Yves Chaudouët, Marlene Ribeiro and outings for Blume and Takuroku.

Extremely curious listening for fans of African Head Charge, The Necks, and followers of Magaletti's collaborative groups, including Moin, Vanishing Twin and Holy Tongue. First-time vinyl pressing following a short run of cassettes. Full-colour reverse-card sleeve with postcard and new artwork by Dennis Tyfus.